Victory Baptist Church

Welcome to Victory Baptist Church. We are glad you joined us today. You are special and God has a glorious plan for your life. We Love you.


JESUS death on the cross brought us hope and changed the course of humanity for eternity. His death on the cross is for all; young and old, big and small,black and white.


"I am The Way,The Truth and The Life." -JESUS


There is nothing more beautiful than knowing you have a family that loves you and cherishes you. Victory Baptist Church wants to be that family through Christ.


Our Ministry believes in reaching out to everyone with The Message of Truth. We trust that you will be blessed.

Head Pastor's Message

I am grateful to God for your life and for His Love for you. Remember you are special and have a divine purpose. God's Love for you was proven when He sent His only Son,Jesus to come to this earth and die for you. He wants to have a special relationship with you that  will set you on the path of a glorious eternity with Him. I believe in God's plan for your life. 

I pray that you will be blessed as you come to the understanding of the salvation God has given you and as you make that decision to walk with Jesus.Never lose sight of The Truth that He is Lord over your life and He loves you.

You are A Blessing.

...Rev. K. Gambrah...