Year of Divine Change

In reaching out to many, we must prepare our minds for the task. The Message of Jesus will transform many hearts and lead many to salvation. Change may seem difficult and sometimes not certain but our hope in Jesus makes us certain of the Divine Change He has prepared for us this year. Our year of Divine Change!

Youth Church

We believe in the transformation of generations. Our Youth Church trains the young generation to be vision carriers and generational thinkers. The responsibility to see the young generation grow into the very image of Christ is enormous but achievable when we focus on building the hearts of these young ones. For the young people out there join our youth service every Sunday at 2:30pm. You are a generational thinker!


Get the opportunity to exhibit your talents. The Youth Church is ready to provide you with the platform you need to grow in Jesus.


Through Bible based teachings you will be made open to The Knowledge of God ignorer to be able to function excellently in the gifts He has given you.


Loving you is what we do. We want you to be able to experience the manifest Love of God. You will literally experience Love at our services.

"Every single moment of your life must count."

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