Churches oblige funds for philanthropy, charity, support of the congregation’s property, and to keep up great and innovative group programs that give help to poor people. Moreover, Church of God additionally requires cash to pay compensations of the pastors and authoritative staff, and in addition different labourers like janitors. A Church of God may additionally require cash for occasion supporting, for example, Christmas designs, and lighting. Customary gifts by the assemblage may cover some of these costs, yet not all. That is the place church raising support comes in.

There are numerous sorts of pledge fundraisers that can be suitable for a congregation. They can incorporate things, for example, Movie nights, child photograph rivalries, pooch shows, flame pledge fundraisers, quilt deals, Christmas card deals, car gifts, and even block (bricks) supporting. By supporting these occasions through gifts, or by purchasing a portion of the items sold through gathering pledges occasions, the group can help the congregation raise cash.

For example, to put on a light pledge fundraiser, individuals from the gathering can disseminate handouts of different candles to group individuals, and gather orders. A rate of the returns will then be gone on to the congregation. Philanthropy blankets can be made by individuals from group, and given to the congregation. At that point others may buy the blankets, and the returns will go to bolster of the congregation. Supporting blocks is another great approach to raise cash for the congregation, particularly for a venture like another walkway or porch. Individuals sponsor blocks, and their names are engraved on the blocks indicating their contribution.

Some of chapel raising support exercises, similar to car gifts, may be commonly valuable. The individual giving the car gets duty reasoning, and doesn’t need to go to the inconvenience of discovering a purchaser. The association that takes the car gift offers it, keeps a bit of the returns, and gives the rest to the church. A pledge fundraiser like this is simple in light of the fact that it doesn’t oblige a considerable measure of work.

Why We Donate

The stewardship of our finances is a tremendous—and often overlooked—area of our lives where we can faithfully proclaim the gospel. Giving strengthens our devotion to Christ and frees us to live open-handedly with the gifts God give us. We trust in Him and His provision instead of our perceived self-sufficiency. As people of faith, we donate faithfully and generously.

Online Donation

We process online transactions via Paypal. This method requires your bank account number and sort code. 

Cash & Cheques

Please make checks payable to Victory Baptist Church. By contributing via check, you authorise the church to use information from your check to process your payment electronically. These checks may be dropped off in the offering boxes at the exits of the Worship Centre or in person at the church offices. 

Thank you for considering a financial commitment to Victory Baptist Church! Your support makes all the difference and assures that Victory Baptist Church remains a vibrant place of worship and service. Your gift is warmly appreciated and gratefully received.

Please in your kind heart of giving:

Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 6:1

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